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Sharing your mission with your congregation

Posted by Jan Jasmin Oct 27, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Blog_Mission_102616.jpgMany people give to their church because they want to make the world a better place to live. They want to know that their charitable giving is making a difference in the world, and believe that the work their church does in the community meets that goal for them.

That belief motivates almost 75 percent of churchgoers to give to their churches, according to research we did last year. In order to capture that generosity, churches have a lot of work to do to let their congregations know how their giving makes a difference.

One way your church can reach members is by clearly explaining your mission and demonstrating its positive effects. You’re more likely to get a good response when you ask your congregation to volunteer their time or support the church financially if you’ve adequately explained why you need their help.

What you say to the congregation and how you say it both play important roles in keeping them giving and volunteering throughout their relationship with your church. Here are some ideas to ensure you’re able to successfully share your mission with your members:

Memorize your message

It’s important that you talk to the congregation like you’re having a conversation rather than making a speech, so make sure you don’t need to rely on notes when you discuss stewardship. Make eye contact with others in the room while you’re speaking and you’ll keep everyone listening and engaged.

Expand their boundaries

Research shows that people are more likely to help others when they feel a connection to them. When you’re talking about your mission programs, make connections between your congregation and the people your helping. For example, though they may live in an impoverished country, their children are the same age, like the same games and feel the same about school as your children.

Get everyone to pull together

Collaboration toward a common helps people feel better about themselves and others. Research shows it can even have positive effects on a person’s health and mood. Remind your congregation often during a capital campaign or pledge drive of how much more they can accomplish when they work together, and how that can help them as much as it helps your mission.

Download our article

3 Tips to Connect Members to Your Mission offers three more tips for demonstrating to your congregation how their giving supports your mission and its success. Download it today.


Jan Jasmin

Jan Jasmin

Jan Jasmin is the Charitable Giving Evangelist for Faith-based Sales for Vanco Payment Solutions.

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